Terms and Conditions

This product is covered under warranty within the Philippines for a period of ONE-YEAR (return to depot) from the date of original purchase against manufacturing defects under normal and recommended use (consumables not included), and provided that the product is purchased from the Fuji Xerox Printer Channel (FXPC) Authorized Distributors or Dealers.

This card must be duly completed and returned to FXPC within 14 days from the date of purchase without any alteration. Incomplete information will deem the warranty null and void. Registration of warranty may also be made online at the www.fujixeroxprinters.com.ph

FXPC reserves the rights to request proof of purchase with details on purchase date, model and serial number before accepting liability for any warranty claim. FXPC reserves the ownership of the faulty part(s) removed from the product covered by this warranty. FXPC reserves the rights to change the terms of this warranty program without prior notice.

This warranty covers only defects in materials and  workmanship provided by FXPC and does not cover equipment damage or malfunction resulting from misuse, abuse,  accident, external electrical fault, act of God, defect resulting from using non-Fuji Xerox supplies, use with incompatible hardware or software, or non-authorized alteration, modification or upgrade. Improper return shipping, packing or shipping damage is not covered unless the unit is packed and shipped accordance with FXPC.

Produce the duty completed warranty card and proof of purchase at the time of service. Failure to produce the warranty card and proof of purchase will result in charges being levied for time, materials and transportation for any service performed.

If you have any query or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to send us an email at fxpc.support@phl.fujixerox.com or call us at +63 2 878-5206

The 1+2-year warranty is applicable to selected Fuji Xerox printer models only. See Printer List below.

The 1st year warranty covers both spare parts and labor charges. Please refer to the warranty information on the left hand side of the warranty card.

The subsequent 2nd year and 3rd year warranty cover spare parts only. A minimal fee for labor or service will be borne by the customer.


A4 Monochrome S-LED Printer
  DocuPrint P205 b

A4 Colour S-LED Printer
  DocuPrint CP105 b
  DocuPrint CP205

A4 Monochrome Multifunction S-LED Printer
  DocuPrint M205 b
  DocuPrint M205 f
  DocuPrint M205 fw

A4 Colour Multifunction S-LED Printer
  DocuPrint CM205 b
  DocuPrint CM205 f
  DocuPrint CM205 fw


S-LED Technology


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